How to Automate Backup & File transfer between FTP, Dropbox, and Amazon S3

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Automatically backup website documents, photos, music and videos to the cloud like FTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3 so you are never without files again. Backup you entire website to the cloud

How To Transfers Files From URL Directly To Your Dropbox ,FTP or Amazon S3

Have a link and want to transfers files from URL directly to your dropbox ,FTP or Amazon S3 Auto file move helps you to Upload Target Links directly to Dropbox, FTP or you Amazon S3 account.

AutoFileMove give you a free trial service (10MB) that allows you to enter the URL of any resource (such as a PDF, document or image) and it will grab the resource and upload it to your Dropbox, FTP or Amazon S3 for you.

How To Move Files Between FTP and Dropbox Using Auto File Move

If you are Dropbox or FTP user,  sometime you need to quickly move files between these two different services .You can do it manually downloading files  from one side and then uploading them to the other. But there is a better way fast, secure and automated with schedule and rules by using AutoFileMove.

Autofilemove web application built entirely to transfer files between different services.
For example: transfer your file From FTP to Dropbox.